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Titis huntresses by dyb
Titis huntresses
Titi hunting with her two daugthers, she begins to get older but as the best hunter in the pride she feel she has to help out when her daughters are joining. Nesca find this very important and seems to have get her mothers skills in her veins, but Vuze finds hunting not to her liking as much. She does it as her duty as a huntress but her personality fits better to be a guardian, and she sometimes follow Sketch and her brothers on the patrol to avoid hunting. She is also a big lioness and heavy making her less athletic like her mother and sister. She rather just join in when they need more power and weight to hold down a kill. 
Last Patrol by dyb
Last Patrol
Sketch is getting older and its time to hand the guardian job to his eldest son..but he wont go before he has checked the area one last time. He is looking forward to just spending the days with his family and Titi, even when she is still on the hunting party. 
Fightclub by dyb
Apollon Pride: In the training camps where the younger learn to hunt and fight. 

some evenings after practice and training, the older set up a little fightclub and it looks wild and it is. but there are rules and is more to show the younger what it would be to fight another lion. They are still too young to confront any danger but its still trigger something in them when they watch these games. its not allowed to excand the claws fully in these fights and you are not allowed to go for the 'kill'. 
Running by dyb
Apollon lions and lionesses running after a day with practice on hunting and battle..they know how to have fun inbetween the seriousness. 

l believe the two first are older and teaching youngsters and teenagers how to fight and hunt,but they want to show they can be fun too. 


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
lts better to be a legend than a hero!

And when that is said,...No l do not do requests, point-commissions or art-trades! People! Just deal with it! But! lm always open to money commissions!
Okey this is hard to write and im sure many of you might se it as a complaining and whatnot.
But did you know that some people dont get better by giving them negative critisim, even if you think its for their own good?
l personally dont get better at drawing by people telling me whats wrong with it. Actually that makes me draw less. And to say that ''if you cant take crit you wont become better'' is bullshit! l know and seen plenty of artists who hate and throw fist when someone say something negative about their work, but still they are being one of the best out there. And not handling crit is not a bad thing actually, its not a weakness to not handle it.
Nobody likes to be told that what they do is wrong, and in some cases its important like do not steal or kill or hurt anyone...but even if its about taste or lack of quality in what you do most people dont like it. And some people like me cant handle it well, not because its not right what that person is saying about my work, but because its stays with me for so long and its burning into my brain, so everytime i look at the work all i see is the crit and not the good part, and i end up deleting it. And i dont draw for a while. And this can take years before im over it. Being asperger does this to me. any critique i get stays with me for years. And in the saying ''if you cant say something nice, dont say anything'' more correct for me. l dont show my work online for people to give me crit, i show my work online so people can se what i do and this is who i am. And yes ofc there are flaws, and yes ofc there will always be someone who give crit even if i say i dont want it. but that dont mean i have to take it or handle it well..if i snap at you for giving me a crit, just know its not you, but how i handle negative feedback, and i may say things thats out of line but its just me protecting myself. im drawing for fun and drawing is a big part of me, i dont draw to become better at it..

So if you are like me and cant handle crit and feel you want to throw everything at that commenter that tells you all the flaws..please know your not weak for showing it. if they can tell you whats wrong, you are allowed to answer back if you feel its not right. And like l said, not everyone becomes better by negative crit, even if the commenter likes to say its constructive criticism.

l just wish people would know this, that in some cases your criticism would do more harm than good, even if you didnt mean to cause anything. And just think if what you going to say is worth having to think about for years. Is your criticism worth having someone loose their will to draw for years? 
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LittleMiniNinja Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Omg! I love your art! I could sit and scroll through your stuff for hours. And, so, I was reading an article on MoviePilot and saw something familiar? I was going, "Omg! I know who drew that!" 
Moonlight7starshine Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016
Hey I saw an old journal from you in my notifications that you missed talking about TLK.

I want to talk about TLK as well but I couldn't find anyone else to do so, perhaps we could throw around headcanons and ideas together?
JennyHalvors Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Go, see, here's something I've done for you, hun! :)…
KellyTheEditor29 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016  Student Filmographer
I love your art it's so fabulous specially your spirit art and TLK art you draw so beautifully and I love style :) ;)
Lionlover1999 Featured By Owner May 16, 2016
I LOVE YOUR ART SOOO MUCH!!! You're one of my four top top top favorite artists! :heart: :la: :love: :squee:
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